11 July 2016

home again

I wore the new dress I got in Stockholm to work today. I looked up the designer and he is based in LA.

Arriving in Philadelphia last night to the same life, same house seemed more than I can remember. Coming back from floating around places I don’t belong, I sensed the new sensation that I also may not belong in my own home. 

But this morning waking up to the warm summer sun to start a new day, I felt that my body within my home was accepting me back in again. Grateful to feel like I have a set place in the world. Privileged that I can choose to challenge that feeling at any time. Strange to be able to understand everything around me. Scared to open my mouth freely. Appreciative there are people who know my name and my story and choose to tell me theirs. Shocked that my life, untouched, was sitting patiently waiting for me to slip into my very own body again.

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