23 January 2010

pennysaver usa ads

most people in working-class suburbs get a bunch of newspaper coupons and don't recycle them. we drive to caltech once every 2 months with a large volume to sort and recycle :)

i always look through the "animals" section of the weekly pennysaver booklet. i found 2 dwarf rabbits for adoption ($25/each.) i flipped into "sewing" and found 220 small straw hats ($50.) then i found a lucrative coupon for 29 cents/lb on bananas (reduced from 69 cents/lb - which is not cheap) at the local market.

22 January 2010

a light lunch

loose-leaf green tea & saffron

tofu and basil salad

we got these sweet tiny apples from the farmer's market

17 January 2010

beguiled at the farmer's

today s from boston and i went to a flea market that sold the likes of rusty bike chains and nintendo64 games for $10. there was a single farmer stand (odd). we got cranberry beans for $1.50/lb from her; she would surely have charged us less if we blended in more with the demographic. she duped us b/c she thought we were 1) stupid 2) rich b/c we didn't bargain with her. but i just wanted to wait and see how far i could push her - next week we'll go back and say "hey these beans we got last week were great, they're $1/lb still?" and test her wit. plus i lost my camera lens cap when i popped it off to take these photos. i bet someone will be selling that lens next week too.

15 January 2010

sup sexy

my favorite poetess

11 January 2010

♪♫ hissing fauna

i listened to of montreal's hissing fauna for the first time today. i borrowed it from the pasadena public library, where they don't have van morrison or velvet underground. more people should use the library in california - most people don't, hence you get a limited selection of books and records. even the ghetto free library back in west philly had twice the books as here. but this discus totally blew my mind. after long weeks of forced isolation due to school apps, i appreciated this acid trip of a record.