27 December 2009

greatest man alive

here's a super hot picture of tom petty and his hot bandmates. it is good that only everyone else in this pic is now bald but tom has a full head of hair.

22 December 2009

portland is the place for me

taken from urban weeds.

no one cares about this girl. but what really caught my eye is the 'pita pit' sign in the background, which i'd recognize from a city away.

20 December 2009


i then learned that pigs, b/c they have a great olfactory sense, can sniff out yams buried underground. they dig them up and devour them. they can also sniff out this treasured shroom that farmers can sell for big bucks. farmers would let the pigs smell for the shrooms but kick them aside just in time to shovel out the shrooms for a profit.

19 December 2009

hot yam!

my pops told me back in the old country you could opt to buy either 1 bag of rice or 5 bags of yams each month. some people would choose the yams b/c there was more to go around. eating a yam is like biking - both are privileges now but they were rather ordinary back in the day.

17 December 2009

what a beauty

i've always had a soft spot for gold univega bikes. i have a similar univega - his name is eggplant. i've been debating whether to make him into a fixie for years. should i?

16 December 2009

countdown to last day of copenhagen: 1

he is a bit cheesy to some people but al gore is probs one of my favorite people in the world. i enjoy seeing him in action more than even maybe jim hansen. i remember when we went to hear him speak in DC one summer - felt like i was seeing robert smith at coachella. he's such a passionate man - nothing is more attractive. plus he's super hot regardless. he's probably done more for americans (we're unfortunately the least educated people of the western world) than the past 3 presidents (including the current dumbass) combined.

i feel like if i were still in school we'd be talking about copenhagen all day. instead i haven't heard a single mention of it others than just from reading the news. dear k, we're so out of tune now that we're living in the real world i just want to go back to class and hear everyone talk again and grab a sprout sandwich at the co-op afterwards.

15 December 2009

lip service

it seems there's been a load of talk - from everyone who's anyone - and nothing else. it'd be really sad for copenhagen to be just another agenda21 or the sort.

14 December 2009

blue marble

copenhagen, denmark - follow the 15 days of climate conference on mother jones or the COP15 site

reminds me of boathouse row along the schuykill river in philadelphia

07 December 2009

they say california is a recipe for a black hole

the people i've met from the east coast that come to los angeles are ones bored with life and want to see how absurd they can push their lives to be.

the people i've seen from los angeles that move to new york are pretentious assholes who are truly clueless.

04 December 2009

bon marché

free teste + free condoms. what could be better.

walking to the flea market

it big (it hot)

maybe someone has found my missing cardigan and is selling it?

someone lucked out and found a watch!

02 December 2009

a beautiful day for a hike in montecito

the air is like nowhere else

K made some delish vegan bran muffins

picking out cactus pear spikes - sour as piss!

pond for dipping around naked

like the banff short film!