16 December 2009

countdown to last day of copenhagen: 1

he is a bit cheesy to some people but al gore is probs one of my favorite people in the world. i enjoy seeing him in action more than even maybe jim hansen. i remember when we went to hear him speak in DC one summer - felt like i was seeing robert smith at coachella. he's such a passionate man - nothing is more attractive. plus he's super hot regardless. he's probably done more for americans (we're unfortunately the least educated people of the western world) than the past 3 presidents (including the current dumbass) combined.

i feel like if i were still in school we'd be talking about copenhagen all day. instead i haven't heard a single mention of it others than just from reading the news. dear k, we're so out of tune now that we're living in the real world i just want to go back to class and hear everyone talk again and grab a sprout sandwich at the co-op afterwards.

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Kristen said...

today on Democracy Now: Copenhagen was a complete failure. ughhhh. did you know that like 15 EAB kids went? maybe I'll get the scoop from Q one day