29 August 2009

♪♫ conor oberst and the mystic valley band at the echoplex

conor's poor show

28 August 2009

je l'avais besoin

je suis un arbre de lotus dans le désert. je suis l'arbre d'olive au-dessus du lexus. ah dit Françoise, quand donc pour moi brillera le soleil?

21 August 2009

Greenpeace Anti-Nuke Flash Mob

Salvador, Brazil 

11 August 2009

half mass

my new messenger bag for cycling! will use tomorrow at the hollywood critical mass with erica! i told sean that i could not contain my excitement when i walked into patagonia for the summer sale and he said "i can tell." when i stopped at the light across the street from the old store and i could feel nerves popping in my head. i put on my sunglasses upon entering to hide my crazed eyes. once i went in it felt like just another summer at patagonia.

10 August 2009


08 August 2009

neil on the radio

cooking is a great joy in my life! last night i celebrated my 4 years of vegetarianism with neil and his harmonica. for a person with little self-control, this is one of my proudest moments.


herb salad

exploded shrooms

avocado salad