02 January 2009

my favorite dining spots in los angeles

- father nature on delaney and union has great falafel/tabouli/radish combos. workers are a bit shitty though but that's probs b/c they're a fam. and it's like a steamroom during summer. but you can just grab your wrap and sit in smith alley and bake outside.

- il fornaio in olde town is great. i get a cup of tea for 3 bucks and sit in the alley with sunglasses and watch people come out from the corner of my eye. it's a bit harder to look into ppl actually inside il fornaio but there were these uber fine workers - a waiter who was like fabio meets don juan and this bartender who looked like the petit prince - i'm not sure who's working there now.

- there's a new chinese veggie restaurant on valley and del mar. nice environment and cheap lotion in the toilet. food's great but for chinese veggie places in general stay away from fried chicken/rib balls. i always get steamed tofu fish and seaweed. my ex-friend and i got lunch there once for only $12 total. and i enjoy going back to see the owner in a different faƧonnable shirt each time. his most recent one was cheesy - it had a french flag on the breast pocket.

- there's a good place on las tunas - i forgot exact place but there's a custodian supply shop across. the joint is called fine garden chinese veggie. their food/plates aren't as swanky as the valley one, but they've larger portions. there's this small fountain that continuously runs water next to the toilet you'll enjoy seeing. plus free buddhism books.

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