12 September 2016


Perhaps it was during a sunny late afternoon just like today’s when I was a child hoping the beautiful fall weather meant reality could be more than it was at that moment. Hearing the creaky swing set move back and forth reminded me that life mainly manages to move between different re-occurring stages. First the novelty of youth, either of myself or just the situation, presents a need to achieve the next step so the wholly realized situation can present itself. Usually this is followed by the sleepy complacency of my small presence in the world. Then, just as I felt 20 years ago, comes the tingling need to find out either what I did wrong to deserve a wonderfully function life or how the universe was able to pinpoint me among billions of people to serve me such a bitter pie. There must be a missing piece of string or picture to tie together reality as it appears to me and what it could be tomorrow if I made some small choice to change its fluidity in an effort to see each shiny new day.

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