06 November 2009

window to the sea park

i keep seeing the same 2 people from high school around los angeles. i saw adam for the first time in maybe 5 years at coachella. he had beer bellies all over his body and became really bro. his voice was still raspy and slurry. i imagined how californians probably mistake his philly accent for one that's native. i saw him in line to get into the campgrounds but he didn't recognise me. later at the beer garden, he sat right across from me instead of 100 other people. we made eye contact about 10 times but i realised he kept looking at me only b/c he thought i was hitting on him. i wondered why he didn't recognise me; we had been mild acquaintances since 5th grade. i remember he asked me in math class "who do you hate in our grade?" once he even hit my crotch walking up the stairs and apologised.

i saw him again a few weeks ago at the el rey. it was during the split second between handing tickets to friends whom i didn't really know and getting a photo pass for something i'd no idea how to do. the fact that i saw him just slid through my mind like the fact that this really philly-looking kid is enjoying himself in los angeles.

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